All too often the trauma of crime happens when funds are unavailable. Why not try CCTV rental as an alternative to outright purchase?

Our CCTV rental options are ideal for situations where temporary security surveillance is required.

If you need a temporary system set-up for surveillance, or to catch a suspect, CCTV rental is the best option for you.

We have high quality covert and overt equipment rental options available.

What are the benefits of CCTV rental?

  • Easy budgeting and conserved cash flow – CCTV rental is convenient in that it will simplify your budgeting and administration. By using our competitive CCTV rental rates, the cash generated by your business will not be locked up in equipment.
  • Tax benefits – all payments made under lease agreements are fully tax deductible, which reduces the net cost of renting the equipment and saves you money.
  • Maintaining existing credit lines – leasing offers simple quick decisions. It also leaves existing credit lines and overdraft facilities undisturbed, which allows working capital to be released for other projects.
  • Easy upgrades to keep up with technology – you can take advantage of the latest technology by simply upgrading the CCTV camera equipment at any time during the hire period.

Some ideal CCTV rental situations

  • Theft in your workplace – we can set up hidden CCTV cameras to help you capture possible suspects.

  • Perimeters – we can set-up any type of CCTV camera, in any location.

  • Monitoring building sites – we can install CCTV in building sites to monitor the workforce, and ensure that all health and safety rules are carefully followed.

  • Schools, colleges and universities – by Hiring CCTV you can monitor exams rooms, or simply monitor the play ground for irregular activities.

  • Public events – monitor the flow of people in and out of public events such as festivals and trade shows.

  • Time limited surveillance operations.

  • Short term monitoring of manufacturing production processes.

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