Facial Recognition

The Hidden Dangers of Facial Recognition

Artificial intelligence & biometrics using facial analysis is becoming more wide-spread in our society. Computers are making more autonomous decisions that affect us all. Computer software can make the same mistakes that their human programmers make when it comes to bias and discrimination. Our biggest supermarket brand has started to use this technology and it is not foolproof. Click here to read more

7 Reasons Why You Need Access Control Systems

7 Reasons Why You Need Access Control Systems – Revised September 2018

Insight EDS can customize an access control system to suit your needs. Do you want employees to have access to designated areas? Do you need to manage short term contractors? Do you need visability of who has been where and when? Do you want keyless entry? Do you want to take the stress out of your security? Click here to see the 7 reasons why you need access control and how Insight can help you manage your building and employees.

Intercom on Your Mobile

Intercom on Your Mobile

DoorBird is a very cool intercom, camera app on your mobile phone. It is super easy to use with real time visibility and ability to remotely lock and unlock your door. Our client wanted their mobile staff to be able to see who was at the door, talk to them and let them into the building and lifts without being constrained to a desk. Click here to read more

Security and the Economic Cost of Poaching

The cost of poaching and rustling in NZ is pushing $250 million per annum. Police and local security companies combined with local knowledge need to work together to help put a stop to it. Because it has had a low police enforcement policy, criminal elements have been exploiting it. Check out blog for more info