Bluetooth Speakers

We sell and install a great range of bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers & music streamers with truly sensational sound quality.

Modern technology is all about convenience – and you can’t get much more convenient than being able to take your music with you on the go!

Here at Insight EDS we have an extensive range of bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers and music streamers available to suit all budgets.

We sell and install some of the leading and most respected brands in the industry, including Soundcast and Bluesound.

Bluetooth speakers and music streamers are the perfect solution for listening to your favourite music tangle-free. Say goodbye to cables and wires!

Bluetooth speakers are a slick and stylish way to fill your house with sound. Whether you want a multi-room set-up, wireless rear speakers in your surround sound system, outdoor audio or even just a handy little speaker for your mobile device, Insight EDS can help with our diverse range of sizes, styles and features.

But each situation is unique, so let us ensure you get the right solution for your entertainment requirements.

Bluetooth speakers are controlled from the intuitive smartphone, tablet and desktop apps, which are available on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Bluetooth Speakers - Soundcast Outcast

Bluetooth Speakers - Soundcast Melody

Bluetooth Speakers

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